Question: I've never recorded


Answer: Read this --> Recording At Pine Hollow --> Please email with questions


Question: How long does it take to record an album?


Answer: Generally, longer than you think.  Blocks of days are best for just about every EP or Album project.  We're happy to help you figure out just how many but first we like as many details as possible. Better yet, come out to see the studio and talk to us!


Question: How many hours are included in the Day Rate?


Answer: ~8 hours.  A lot can be accomplished in a day; work as leisurely or rapidly as you like. We can handle it.


Question: Payment schedule?


Answer: This is a way to pay off your record over a period of time.  Please email for more info!


Question: Do you use Pro Tools?


Answer: Yes, however .WAV files are easily transferred into or out of Pro Tools to other DAWs.


Question: What is 'Barn-O-Verb'?


Answer: Barn-O-Verb is our very own unique reverb chamber, our Barn.  You won't find another verb like it anywhere in the world!


Question: What is the '5 Acre Echo'?


Answer: The reflection of sound off the pine trees outside the studio is genuinely unique.  Many things have been recorded outside here, it's fantastic!


Question: Can we camp on your property?


Answer: No. Sorry.


Question: I'm interested in becoming an engineer - can I come to a session?


Answer: Absolutely. Please email and we'll get something setup!


Question: I'm an engineer, can I use your space to record a band?


Answer: You bet - let's talk first though!


Question: Could you use an intern or assistant engineer?


Answer: Yep - if you have a good grasp on recording basics, signal flow, Pro Tools and a passion for making records then by all means let us know!