Aaron Spina


Adam Schneider

Alex Clay


Astrotone Collective

Austin Caldie

Beacon James

The Blue Room

Big Business

Big Back Yard

Billy Krause

Boats & Bridges

Bob Kopatich

Bourbon House

Brian Bethke

Cait Leary

Caitlin McGarvy

Coriolis Effect


Dan Zerr

Dingo Factory

Doks Robotiks

Eclectic Barn Boys

Eggplant Heroes


Fifth Element

Firefly Forest

Granite Rose

Grant Larson

Greg Gilbertson

Gregg Sartor


Greg Gilbertson

Greg Herriges

Hounds Before Lions

The Innocent Men

Irie Sol

James Ignacio

Jeff Rolfzen

Jeff White

Jen Hazen

Jennifer Grimm

Jerrika Mighelle

Jesse Gonzalez

Jim Pullman Band

Jim Seem

Joe Luginbill

Justin Jay Arnold

Kateri Farrell

Kyle Koliha

Larry Past

Landfill Park

Letters From Earth

Lizzy Diane


Mario Hillman 


The Master Singers

Michael Perry

Michael Rambo Project

Mike Malone Quintet

The Millenium

The Morton Sisters

Nancy Olson

Olive Sings

The Pat Watters Band

The Penny Serfs

Peter Phippen

Phil Circle

Phil Cook

Phil Faucett

Poppy Moelter

Rachael Hanson

Randy Sabien



She Do Voodoo

The Sixes

Softly, Dear

Sue Orfield

Sundae & Mr. Goessl

Thomas Nutting

Tim Lane

The Rattlenecks

Them Coulee Boys

Tony Rongstad

Tyler Hart

UWEC Jazz Ensemble

UWEC Chamber Orchestra

Will Lyberg

Willy Porter

Wolves at the Door